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Best Buy Annuity for MEN aged 65

Compulsory Purchase Annuities (What’s an annuity?)

Purchase price per £50k

The figures below show what each £50,000 in your pension pot will buy you. So if you have £100,000 in your pension fund you can multiply the figures below by 2. This will demonstrate what your yearly pension payment would be.


Provider Level without guarantee
Level guaranteed 5 years
Escalating 5% p.a. compound without guarantee
More Info
Aviva £2568.78 p.a £2559.41 p.a £1289.81 p.a Will I Get this Rate?
Legal & General £2516.64 p.a £2511.48 p.a £1293.48 p.a Will I Get this Rate?
Hodge Lifetime £2469.00 p.a £2466.00 p.a Will I Get this Rate?
Canada Life £2469.00 p.a £2465.40 p.a £1215.00 p.a Will I Get this Rate?
Just £2375.76 p.a £2373.24 p.a £1171.56 p.a Will I Get this Rate?

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Level without guarantee

This means that the income payments provided remain constant throughout the beneficiaries life.

Level guaranteed 5 years

This means that the income payments remain the same each year. But if the beneficiary dies within five years they are guaranteed to be paid for a minimum of five years. Whatever is due would be paid over to the heirs of the recipient.

Escalating 5% p.a. without guarantee

The income payments increase each year by 5% – ie so as not to lose value against inflation. However they stop being paid if the beneficaiary dies ie the next of kin doesn’t get anything further.


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