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PensionSorter is part of the MoneySorter network of websites bringing you unbiased, independent and totally user friendly information on all aspects of UK personal finance.

It was written and developed by non-finance professionals and is aimed at normal people who are trying to make sense of all the jargon.

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This was our first site. It’s won widespread acclaim for making a highly complex subject as simple as possible and gets great feedback from it’s users.

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Why we did this website

This website arose from a conversation between a group of friends when we all confessed complete confusion about pensions.

Once our guilty secret was out we quickly agreed that it wasn’t us – it was “them”! After all we may not be rocket scientists but we’re reasonably intelligent people.

So why are UK pensions so difficult to understand?

The more we looked into it and read about the mis-sold pensions and other outrageous scandals the more we saw a need for simple, jargon-free information. So we decided to do this website.

This website is definitely a labour of love. It was a challenge undertaken in the spirit of public mindedness.

The pensions / retirement catastrophe looming for the younger generation is truly worrying and the thought of all those retired ravers sitting in cold damp basements in the future, scares and angers us.

Look at the way the elderly are treated now. We doubt the politicians are going to get any better.

Things have developed since we started in that we now get some income; for example as part of our research we’ve came across various experts and brokers who seem to be worthwhile consulting and can put you in touch with them for a free quote. (But please note: You should always get at least three quotes from different suppliers before buying a financial product).

We may get some income if any such “referrals”, result in “sales” as well as from the sale of books via Amazon and so on.

However this is on the strict understanding that, if we do, it won’t cost you anything extra. In any case, frankly, what we do get is hardly worth writing home about.

On the subject of money: We’re more interested in you giving a donation to our nominated charity than to us. See help a good effective charity.

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