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The Three Golden Rules for buying a pension.

Summary of How to Buy a Pension.

Action Checklist to get you going.

Pension Shopping List to go over with your IFA.

Making Decisions: Some helpful tips.

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Savings Calculator

Future Values of a monthly investment at 5%, 7% and 9% interest growth per year

NB Your contribution is GROSS i.e. including what the taxman gives you

Click here to read about how big an annuity you could get from your pension fund.

NB The figures shown do not take into account any charges or inflation – which will detract from your savings.

Nor do they take into account any State Pension entitlement – which will add to your retirement income.

The growth rates are changed from 6%, 9% and 12% on 25.1.99. Watch out for anyone using the old ones – or even higher ones. Showing what very high growth did to a modest contribution was a classic sales trick.

* 5% = Low projection
** 7% = Medium projection
*** 9% = High projection