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The Three Golden Rules for buying a pension.

Summary of How to Buy a Pension.

Action Checklist to get you going.

Pension Shopping List to go over with your IFA.

Making Decisions: Some helpful tips.

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Savings Calculator

Future Values of a monthly investment at 5%, 7% and 9% interest growth per year

NB Your contribution is GROSS i.e. including what the taxman gives you

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Click here to read about how big an annuity you could get from your pension fund.

NB The figures shown do not take into account any charges or inflation – which will detract from your savings.

Nor do they take into account any State Pension entitlement – which will add to your retirement income.

The growth rates are changed from 6%, 9% and 12% on 25.1.99. Watch out for anyone using the old ones – or even higher ones. Showing what very high growth did to a modest contribution was a classic sales trick.

* 5% = Low projection
** 7% = Medium projection
*** 9% = High projection