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How we can help you

“Internet robs salesmen of key tool: customer ignorance”
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About this website

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About this website

This web site can help make choosing the best pension for you fairly simple.

Our section on the basics arms you with the essential facts on all types of pensions, Personal, Stakeholder, State pension and company/ occupational pensions.

And we tell you about the new Stakeholder pension.

There’s an extensive section called “How to buy a Pension” and we supply you with useful tools, which you can print out and use.

(For more details see how we can help you buy a Pension).

As with any product, there are good buys and bad buys in the pensions market. It boils down to avoiding the complete “no no’s” and knowing how to pick the right pension for you from the best of the rest.

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How to use the website

You can click into anything you see like this or this to get further details.

There’s a detailed Jargon Buster provided by the Plain English Campaign which you can access anytime.

Whether you’re interested in buying a pension or just researching the subject, we recommend you start by reading the basics. It should only take you a few minutes.

As you check out other sections you may find that there’s some repetition. But this is in the interests of total clarity so bear with us. Go to the basics

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Linking you to an IFA

In our view the best way to buy a pension is by using an IFA.

The new Stakeholder pension has arguably made the need to consult an IFA less relevant than previously – when pensions usually had high charges and lacked flexibility. However we would suggest that an IFA who specialises in pensions is always worth consulting before taking the plunge.

The best way to find one is by a word of mouth recommendation. If you don’t have this, we can link you directly with a reputable IFA.

All you have to do is fill out some very brief details and you’ll get a no obligation, free, written illustration. Click here if you want this now.

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